have you seen the shirt we’ve made? htt

have you seen the shirt we’ve made? http://ow.ly/i/POY not bad.


10/20 here we come! we’re about to get

10/20 here we come! we’re about to get you fixed up.

Why in the WORLD is design so expensive???

Today I’d like to address the misunderstanding about graphic design.  We live in a world where we see “cool” stuff everyday.  It’s on shirts, posters, billboards, commercials, etc., etc.  Everything has some kind of design on it.  Because of this we are all led to believe that if need be WE ourselves could create something equally as cool.

When looking to pay for someone to design something, many are knocked off their feet because of the costs.  Now, because of the current time we now live in, let’s use web design as an example.  So many people think that designing a website should be quick and painless because they see so many everyday.  So when they hear that in order to get ANYTHING of quality designed they’re automatically looking at dropping $1500, they get that “I should slap you in the face” look all over them.  But let’s break it down:

1. The designer has to talk with the client and come up with an overall feel for the design.

2. Hours are put into the design to create an initial mock-up.

3. This is either accepted or vetoed by the client, which either takes the designer back to the drawing board or lets him move on to finer tune the site.

4. Once all the designs are approved, these DESIGNS (which most likely are static images created in Photoshop) are taken over to the development side of a website.

5. The developer has to pick apart these designs and create it in a web friendly language so that our friend the internet can understand it.

6. Once this is done, we all assume that the client does not know much about internet code (because why is he getting it done for him anyway?) so a Content Management System (CMS) has to be created and implemented so that even a monkey could edit the site.  (That is in no way a slander towards clients; I myself am a monkey when it comes to computer languages.)

7. Finally, it has to be uploaded onto the server, the server has to be given the information to look at this upload when someone goes to the URL, and then the site is live.

As you can understand this can be a lengthly process in terms of hours, and this isn’t even taking into consideration the innumerable amount of clients who literally have no IDEA what they want their site to look like, just something “cool.”

Republic Design currently does sites ranging from $1500-$3000, and 3g’s will get you the Cadillac BELIEVE ME.  So, as you price design and development, consider that no matter WHERE you look, good work will cost you.  It’s not quite as easy as creating a facebook page or updating your Xanga.

If you still don’t believe check out some price quotes this guy gives.


Why Have Professional Design?

We run into this question often.  And when we don’t run into….we see it in clients eyes.  Anyone who is interested in print, logo, or web design is obviously good enough at something that they need it marketed.  So these guys aren’t just stupid.  They might not exactly understand all the aspects of design, but their brains have gotten their business to the spot they are now, so they’re doing pretty good.

However, so many people see a logo, a piece of printed work, or a website, and just think to themselves “I can do that.”  Well, maybe you can and maybe you can’t…but if you’re going to an agency to do it for you, you didn’t want to try to do it yourself.  But because of this “I could do this” mentality, when professional design prices are quoted, most people react in three ways, or a combination of:

1. Their jaw hits the ground.

2. Their eyes get as big as frisbees.

3. A little snort is expressed that sounds like a cough and sneezed got confused as to who was coming out first.

I find it odd that with design services in particular people think they are getting RIPPED OFF because of the cost.  Design work is much like a haircut.  And despite what Procuts claims, you get what you pay for.  If you want to look your best, present yourself best, and generally feel the best about yourself, you’ll pay a little bit more for a cut.

Logos, print work, and web work is your business identity.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, when people see that they are going to have an impression of the business.  Also, good design work will pay itself back to you because once you have something that is solid, it can stay that way for years to come.  There is no need to get a new logo or website designed every year.  And once your corporate identity is created it is scalable to the point that print ads will become cheaper because there is already something to base the design off of!  It’s like buying a car, you can buy a junker with very little upfront cost, but you’re going to have to constantly throw money at just to keep it running.  If you pay more upfront there’s less up keep and it’s lifespan will pay for itself.

If you still don’t believe me, look at some other people’s opinions.

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welcome to the new era of design.

Forget whatever you think or imagine “design” to be.  The pain staking sketches, the “brainstorm” sessions where we sit at a coffee shop and talk about what colors mean.  This is a new era of business that requires a new level of marketing and design.  For God’s sake, who has the TIME to sit around and dream up ideas?  We need progress and we need it NOW!

That’s where Republic Design excels.  We deliver one thing and we deliver it piping hot.  And that’s results. We’re only interested in what YOU need and we aim to give it to you with quality that can’t be matched at a price you can afford.

We’re something new, something different.  We cut out the bureaucracy and get down to the nitty-gritty.  We’re Republic Design.